GinFinity Ninja Myrtle 500mL

GinFinity Ninja Myrtle 500mL

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Ginfinity Ninja Myrtle - Orange Zest and Lemon Myrtle (Previously Open Source #4)

Tasting Notes: Packed with citrus, this gin has strong aromas of lemon myrtle and orange zest complimented perfectly by earthy undertones of gentian root.

How to serve: Great on its own or try in our Hard Lemon Lime Bitters!

Botanicals: Juniper Berries, Orange Zest, Gentian Root & Lemon Myrtle Leaves.

What is Open Source Gin? 
On the label, we include not only the botanicals that are in the gin, but also the quantities of each botanical. This means that anyone can recreate it and you can decide which botanicals you like!

What is in 500ml of Ninja Myrtle?
7.5g of Juniper Berries
1.5g of Orange Zest
1g of Gentian Root
0.125 of Lemon Myrtle Leaves