GinFinity Pulp Fiction 500mL

GinFinity Pulp Fiction 500mL

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Previously known as Open Source Gin #03 - Orange Zest and Chamomile Gin

Tasting Notes: This bright orange zest gin is complimented by soft undertones of chamomile and ginger

How to serve: best with tonic and garnished with a fresh orange wheel. This gin is also found in our Orange Gin Sour!

Orange Gin Sour Recipe: 45ml Open Source #03, 50ml fresh orange juice, 30ml fresh lime juice, 30ml simple syrup, 20ml tiki zest (or Cointreau), 1/2 teaspoon albumin powder

Botanicals: Juniper Berries, Orange Zest, Ginger, Coriander Seed, Nutmeg & Chamomile.

What is Open Source Gin? 
On the label, we include not only the botanicals that are in the gin, but also the quantities of each botanical. This means that anyone can recreate it and you can decide which botanicals you like!

What is in 500ml of Open Source Gin #03?
7.5g of Juniper Berries
3g of Orange Zest
1g of Ginger
0.5g Coriander Seed
0.5g Nutmeg
0.25g Chamomile