BubbleGum Gin 2 Pack - 2X500ML

BubbleGum Gin 2 Pack - 2X500ML

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What is GinFinity BubbleGum Gin: The first of its type in the world... a high ester gin! Borrowing heavily from rum production, it is fermented with dunder, creating crazy bubblegum characteristics. BubbleGum gin is essentially a rum/gin hybrid inspired by old world Jamaican rum production.

What does high ester mean? Esters are naturally occurring chemical compounds produced during the fermentation process. These esters are added before distillation and the end result is fruity characters, comparable to the fruity esters found in bubblegum.


How to serve: BubbleGum gin shines best in fruity cocktails where its fruity flavours are enhanced. Try in our Tooty Fruity, Strawberry BubbleGum or Passionfruit Splice.

Tooty Fruity Recipe: 30ml BubbleGum Gin, 30ml fresh orange juice, 30ml fresh pineapple juice, 20ml blue curaçao, 10ml grenadine

Botanicals: Juniper, Pineapple, Mandarine

Mango Botanicals: Apricot , Mango Flesh, Juniper

500ml - 45% ABV