Classic Gin Kit

Classic Gin Kit

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This is our classic deconstructed Gin Kit, containing everything you need to start creating amazing gin at home.

Start with 30ml of our Juniper Gin base in a glass and add a few drops of each of your desired botanicals (flavours) to create your personal gin.

Inside the box you will find:

500ml Juniper Gin Base and 8 x 50ml botanicals (900ml in total!)

The 8 botanicals are:


1 x 50ml Nutmeg


1 x 50ml Coriander Seed

1 x 50ml Cinnamon


1 x 50ml Fennel


1 x 50ml Spearmint

1 x 50ml Orange Zest

1 x 50ml Angelica Root


1 x 50ml Black Pepper